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Two handcart buying and selling no longer " go out to not be in charge of withou
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Contract demonstrative text releases 7 large window to get attention fully
Space of development of two handcart market is vast, long-term since however neither one is unified, standard, fair, reasonable trade contract.
Trade car formalities data of not complete, course of development is altered, the discovery after car transfer ownership has illegal record even car existence is serious and safe hidden trouble... as two handcart market hot with each passing day, two handcart trade the issue that appears in the process also adds increasingly. For farther normative our city two handcart trade order, the health that promotes two handcart circulation market develops, on comprehensive and in-depth survey and the foundation that listen to all circles opinion extensively, city industrial and commercial bureau trades from the standard contract proceed with, made " two handcart business contracts of Shenzhen city set an example text " (the following abbreviation " business contract demonstrative text " ) , " two handcart business of Shenzhen town are between two parties service contract demonstrative text, carry out at be being released formally yesterday. Hopeful of this contract demonstrative text reduces two handcart of our city to trade from certain level the contradictory dispute that exists in the process, effective avoid trades each square risk.
The reporter is interviewed in understanding arrives, close to be compared in phase by the two handcart buying and selling of bargainor one-sided formulate normally with the past, demonstrative text of two handcart business of executive Shenzhen town and contract of between two parties service is promulgated to at least 7 large window can solve two handcart to trade most since yesterday each contradictory dispute between, get attention of social all circles fully. Yellow people of doctor of office of benevolence person attorney is opposite the Guangdong that ever pursued contract management job for a long time in door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry relevant provision undertook commenting on.
Window one
"Special clew " writes contract demonstrative text version
The " of " special clew that increases and so on of " of " service instruction before contract text, it is door of our city The Ministry of Commerce and Industry an initiate in carrying out contract demonstrative text to work, appear the earliest in demonstrative text of estate business contract. Yellow people expresses, the trade that pursues contract demonstrative text version also is to consume the industry with relatively typical, contradictory relatively outstanding issue normally, this action basically considers a lot of people may be contract of first time autograph, lack business experience, the basic law that in signing a process to the contract, should master, basic data that should submit is very not clear-cut.
Demonstrative text of contract of two when roll out this two handcart all sets " of 6 " service instruction, clew trades each especially buyer, two handcart are to point to from deal with register the formalities that register to arrive at a country to discard as useless compulsively the car that does business before the standard; Two handcart trade to change the procedures that register except conduction car outside, still involve the change that waits to contract of cost of maintain a road, insurance.
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