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Consumption tax is new politics concussion did not show big platoon to measure t
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"I this what be less than one year is overbearing, with the new car of model, went up full 60 thousand! Before paragraph a boy finds time here, ground a long time with me, have to car price from 450 thousand overwhelm 440 thousand, I get angry, did not sell! Do I still use concern now does it look for less than buying? ! " Liu boss says car travel chief remove oneself recent " strong " manner, still feel jauntily. This is the reporter is in recently only a segment in knowledge of two handcart market, see not hard from which, after consumption tax is adjusted formally, as a result of secondhand the old car that discharge an amount and difference of new car price are pulled further big, the model of those market sell like hot cakes, welcome degree will promote further. Nevertheless, the reporter discovers in be interviewed actually, had shifted to an earlier date as a result of agency ready-made, increased inventory amount, at the same time consumption of the large model that discharge an amount still is confined to the group with narrow minority, add car city atmosphere is at present more delicate, because this is secondhand,discharge those who measure a vehicle to go up greatly situation come directly without skill car rapid.