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" two hand wagon flow open administrative way " unscramble
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Tell management to strengthen two handcart to flow, the standard is secondhand the car manages action, ensure two handcart to trade to close right increase bilaterally, promote two hand wagon flow to connect healthy progress, basis country concerns law, administrative regulations, department of Commerce, the Ministry of Public Security, industrial and commercial total bureau, duty Wu total bureau was released jointly " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " (the following abbreviation " " method " " ) , " method " will carry out formally on October 1, 2005. A few days ago Department of Commerce a few problems that concerned chief of department of law department, market system construction pays close attention to with respect to social all circles refer answer.

Ask: As we have learned, department of Commerce begins to begin to consider to make from 2003 " method " , introduce to concern setting situation please?

Answer: Two handcart circulation market has development latent capacity extremely in our country, breed and had developed this one market to be able to go to the lavatory already two handcart trade, pull move consumption, can add duty source again, it is country of a benefit the important matter of benefit civilian. International automobile industry grows experience to make clear, thriving new car market, must build market base is connected in substantial two hand wagon flow over, the expedite, premise that running efficient car metabolism mechanism is development of health of car market whole mixes channel assure.

In recent years two handcart circulation market of our country formed certain dimensions, but compare with phase of active new car market, develop relatively lag, be apart from with ratio of photograph of auto industry developed country very apparent. Main show is in: Two handcart management main body is single, trade means is backward; Trade behavior is non-standard, appraisal evaluates optional sex big; The system of market information network with perfect lack. Two hand wagon flow connect development lag to already became one of bottleneck that restrict car market development.

A when produce afore-mentioned problems main reason is two handcart relevant provision sheds a development not to suit with two handcart. Since 1998 the country came on stage in succession about the branch " method of buying operation of old motor vehicle " (inside trade mechanism [1998] the 33rd) , " the announcement that works about strengthening market control of old motor vehicle " (country classics trade trade [2001] 1281) wait for relevant file and regulation, these regulations are secondhand to breeding car market and normative market trade positive effect arrived since order. But the ceaseless development as two handcart market, original government measure already cannot satisfy the need of practice, domain of commerce of the car after also cannot getting used to a world opens to the outside world the situation that pace accelerates.

Ask: " method " compare with original compasses phasing, what significant change is there?
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