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Is making strong narrow pass danger of sudden huge profits?
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Carry out nearly one year to hand in strong danger to suffer controversy to appeal about the expert the meeting that keep watch is cost to lead collate and stipulate to hold a hearing fully

As we have learned, strong narrow pass was made since July 1 last year (compulsory insurance of liability of accident of motor vehicle traffic) begin to carry out, this is the compulsory insurance that our country executes first times by state law regulation. However, since handing in strong danger to carry out, equipment gets dispute, the near future has hostage doubt ceaselessly, its were not pressed " do not be filled with not deficient " rate of cost of principle collate and stipulate, became insurance company to get the tool of sudden huge profits. Office of attorney of Beijing heart embellish already began to collect car idea to see inside countrywide limits, put forward to hold the application of the hearing to the meeting that keep watch.

As we have learned, according to the regulation, making strong narrow pass is to be being produced by safety motor-car by insurance company road transportation accident creates a victim (do not include this car personnel and insurant) loss of person casualties, belongings, give inside liability limit of compensation mandatory responsibility is safe. Hand in strong danger to execute " do not be filled with not deficient " principle, implement minute of Zhang management, unified clause, unified fee with the business of commercial car risk of insurance company Wu handles rate, unified fruit.

Car advocate doubt: Hand in strong danger to produce sudden huge profits?

Chengdu car advocates the gentleman expresses, previously car danger insurance cost a year of ability 1200 yuan, pay strong danger insurance cost only now 1050 yuan, protect the forehead to have 60 thousand yuan only however, he thinks " hand in strong danger insurance cost to have very big compression space " . In light of the data that can publish according to keeping watch, hand in strong danger to come to twenty-one billion eight hundred and seventy-eight million yuan to realize insurance cost income from solid on July 1, 2006 inflict, 39.5% what take income of insurance cost of danger of 7~12 month car; And this paragraph of time, insurance company compensate has not paid 13 billion yuan, twenty-one billion eight hundred and seventy-eight million yuan when just announce to the meeting that keep watch almost half. Whether to hand in strong danger to have the ill will of sudden huge profits really?

Insurance company: Make strong narrow pass safeguard is more sufficient

The insurance cost that pays strong danger and danger of a third party and protect the forehead to compare, staff of department of risk of car of some insurance company tells Chengdu the reporter, the insurance cost of danger of a third party that consumer pays previously is dozen of price after folding, and hand in strong danger to be not hit fold, so the surface looks, make strong narrow pass indemnity became little tens of thousands of yuan, the insurance cost that should pay is much however many. Actually, cannot undertake both simply comparative. From safeguard limits and safeguard degree look, handing in what strong danger executes is responsibility the principle is compensated for completely in limitation, and what risk of traditional a third party adopts is fault compensation principle; Hand in strong danger to cause a loss not to grant to compensate for besides voluntary action of the victim beyond, do not have basically other avoid duty thing, more sufficient to the safeguard of insurant.
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