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Danger of car of new edition commerce is enabled formally
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhang Chunjian) on April 1, danger of car of new edition commerce is enabled formally, the old guarantee slip that policy-holder place signs does not have the person that expire, still provide legal effectiveness, needless retreat old change new.

Danger of car of new edition commerce distributes A, B and C fund. The someone that chooses A fund is protected, China combination, earth, day is installed, always install, install state, Hua Tai, sunshine to wait for 11, market share is about 74.7% ; Choose B fund have restful, Hua An, peace and tranquility, always sincere, sunshine agriculture, state, market share is about 13.7% ; Choose C fund have too protect, in silver-colored insurance, market share is about 11.6% .

Car advocate Mr Xing inquiry: "I protected money danger to join car caustic danger and business in the person 3 person danger, just expired this year in May, whether to know old car danger is returned effective? " the person keeps department of risk of branch car of money danger Beijing Liu Zhiyuan shows vise general manager, original place signs guarantee slip to still provide legal effectiveness, it is with the content of bilateral agreement accurate.

The outside before this says new edition insurance cost will promote considerably. Is the reporter compared two big advocate danger? D? D? Danger of D car caustic and commerce 3 person danger discovery, on cost rate, danger of car of money of new edition A and old money agree completely. In old edition, a money business 3 person danger 200 thousand yuan of this first gear are 1380 yuan, and new edition also is 1380 yuan; Car caustic danger is same also. Expenses of fund of new edition B leads danger of car of older edition to be reduced in the round. Business of money of old edition B 3 person danger the cost rate of 200 thousand yuan of this first gear is 1424 yuan. Money of new edition B is 1380 yuan. The cost of C money leads new old edition to change not quite.

The person protects Bi Zheng of general manager of department of career of danger of branch car of money danger Beijing to express, float of rate of cost of danger of new edition car is not apparent, additional provision set and old money photograph are compared more benefit chooses at casting the person that protect.