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Compensate of car danger manage law of 10 big win instead of lose
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One, collect fees loiter of car, cut is lost in the parking lot not the compensate regulation according to insurance company, always car is collecting fees parking lot or commercial in repairing a factory by pilfer, insurance company entirely is not in charge of compensating for. Because afore-mentioned places have custodial responsibility to car, during keep, because custodian keeps not to be pooh-poohed causes car to mar, missing, custodial agree carries responsibility. Accordingly, no matter be a car,lost, still was delimited, insurance company entirely no matter.

Strategy: Right kind is to look for a parking lot to go claim for compensation. Accordingly, drive when the person must notice to jockey every time, had closed to stop fare receipt. Although a lot of collect fees there is " to without giving thought to,be lost in the relevant provision of the parking lot " , but according to the about pattern contract regulation in our country contract law, this attributes the responsibility that one-sided him shirk should bear, if cannot talk things over,solve, be forced resort to law, at present already somebody is hit won such lawsuit.

2, not the car be or get out of danger of the yearly check not compensate has a regulation in insurance contract: Insurance is only right eligible car become effective, to not the car of the yearly check can count unqualified car only.

Strategy: Car advocate ten million should be sure to keep in mind on time yearly check, must not hind delay, house of the " when lest claim for compensation leaks more meet with " of rain of the same night, amerce issue is small, by rejecting claims thing big. And, if traffic accident caused loss of a third party, charge also will be assumed by you oneself, insurance was bought in vain.

3, drive person not year careful not compensate driver does not have year of careful, what open car to attribute unqualified traffic, insurance company can reject any manage compensate according to insurance contract.   

Strategy: A bit more serious, do not be afraid of a trouble, this years of careful when last year careful.

4, struck oneself person from the car not a third party in danger of responsibility of compensate a third party is told popularly, a third party eliminates 4 kinds of people namely: Namely the domestic member of the driver when this underwriter, insurant, car happening accident and its family member, insurant. Still be not only in car danger, there also is relevant regulation in other responsibility danger.

Strategy: Must not be impassable with the person, especially oneself person.

5, did not get on the car of license plate not compensate car is when be or get out of danger, insurance car must have two requirements, it is insurance car must have==The travel card that nucleus of traffic management department sends or name brand, 2 it is to be during the regulation inside classics==Certificate of proof of traffic management department.

Strategy: Before the card on new car, the car that is sure to keep in mind to must have protected oneself is not mixed by pilfer be bumped into.
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