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Buy two handcart to be sure to do not have car of change the name of owner in a
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Change the name of owner in a register does not forget when two handcart the of all kinds insurance with accessary place a change the name of owner in a register, otherwise insurance company will not be compensated. Recently, mr Wang of Fuzhou ate be unable to speak out about one's grievances accordingly.

21 days, mr Wang drives around Fuzhou new store when, let one report motor-car to avoid, produce scratch with another car. Via police appraisal, it is Mr Wang error, compensate for 1300 yuan. Mr Wang remembers his car is to have those who buy insurance, ask to manage to branch of Fujian of insurance company of Chinese people property compensate, but the person protects a company with formalities not all ready for reject manage compensate.

Yesterday, chinese money protects a controller that handles this business to tell a reporter, because the car of Mr Wang is firm,be in the two handcart of change the name of owner in a register from a client of Pu cropland, and in the process of change the name of owner in a register, a place difficult of access of tripartite responsibility that Mr Wang did not buy this car on April 24, 2006 a change the name of owner in a register. Because of the clause inside contract of basis of this insurance company " insurance car makes over what did not deal with change of insurance car contract, the underwriter does not assume liability to pay compensation " , reject manage compensate.