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Beg in buying cling to
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Information caption: Beg in buying cling to intent price: Model: Car Category: Car plant plate: Series: Use fixed number of year: All but year color: All but transmission: The hand moves leave factory time: The platoon estimates a demand: (Rise) Engine type: Drive: Van Safe: Have Insurance type: Fuel: Benzine Plate change the name of owner in a register: Must Travel demand: (Kilometer) release a type: Individual Utility: All but Trade place: Inside and outside acts the role of configuration Electric motor-car window Medium accuse door lock Dynamoelectric rearview mirror Rearview mirror heats function CD acoustics Air conditioning Derma seat Seat dynamoelectric adjustment function Seat gives out heat function Adjustable steering wheel Control of steering wheel acoustics A place with a draught of backlash empty v Scuttle Coloured glass Alloy annulus circle Xenon gas headlight Decide fast cruise system Back a car radar Gasbag of driver's seat safety Gasbag of passenger banquet safety Curtain type gasbag ABS is prevented hold apply the brake in the arms dead EDS electron is poor fast lock ESP electron is stable system The car carries TV
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